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11/11/2018 0 By Jeanette

What Women Think Of VR Porn

As sex is enjoyed by both sexes alike, it is not surprising that ladies do watch porn, although less often than males. According to a popular study, as many as 30% of women watch a porn flick weekly, while 10% do it every day. Today, porn has been greatly enhanced with virtual reality experience, boosting the viewers’ sensations. Hence, it is only logical that VR porn industry is tailoring some of its content for women, with varying success.

It is much harder to find genuine reviews of VR movies from a female perspective, as they tend to be less vocal about their sex video preferences. This isn’t positive, of course, as they must have a say in assessing representations of women’s pleasure and shaping erotic content overall. However, there some opinions available, and here are the conclusions one can draw. read more

30/10/2018 0 By Jeanette

Why VR Porn Has Become So Incredibly Popular

There are things that conventional porn always lacked. As a viewer staring at a screen, you were looking at a flat rectangular projection. You fully realized you were merely an onlooker watching the characters, and the movie was just a movie. However, with the recent introduction of VR and its rapid spreading, the adult material will never be the same. Virtual reality has transformed the human perception of high-quality entertainment forever.

VR-enhanced porn has gained traction so rapidly that a third of all data transferred on the Internet is reported to be related to the segment. It is hard to believe it only started with a handful of videos a couple of years ago. Today, there are thousands of them, while the worldwide audience includes as many as 150 million active users. VR has truly taken over the porn industry, and people are rushing to try the technological innovations. But what are the reasons behind this skyrocketing popularity? read more