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How Does VR Porn Affect the Moral Scale of Viewers

The porn industry is constantly developing. VR porn is a cutting-edge trend. However, it becomes a matter of many disputes and social stigmas. While highly realistic VR films are watched not only by men but also by women, the stars, politicians, media figures openly enter the public arena and discuss its destructive or healing power. That is why we decided to figure out what effect virtual reality lovemaking can really have on people minds.

1. Cultural Values

Sexual education in many countries is different, but one way or another we are dealing with a standard picture of the moral aspects related to marriage and the position of a man/woman in society. Such a set of cultural moments suggests that sex is part of family life, which in turn says that there must be strong relationships between partners based on mutual respect, equality, support and, of course, intimacy. Some people believe that porn is a kind of antithesis to what many women put in the first place, that somehow it promotes: read more

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How To Access The Pleasures Of VR Porn

Virtual reality, which has revolutionized the entertainment industry, has also penetrated the world of porn. With the novelty, adult content is no longer a flat projection on a screen, it is something happening around you and with you. Given the excitement of VR sensations, it is not surprising that as much as a third of all Internet data is VR-porn related, with around half revolving around porn in general. The penetration has been rapid: from a few clips two years ago, the segment has expanded to thousands of videos and over 150 million active users around the globe. read more